Chat Work – The Truth, Lies and The Media

Chat Work and Phone Chat Jobs UK

chat work

The Media and Chat Work. Magazines and newspapers take chavtastic Essex swamp dwellers and turn them into airbrushed cuties. It’s pretty apparent that the television production companies would do the same and make the entirely reasonable job of being a chat host into one that sounds like Jack getting the golden egg (albeit naked with his trousers round his ankles, being spoken to like a naughty schoolboy by some matron type woman with a gutter mouth).  But is that the truth??  Well if you watched “My Phone Sex Secrets” on Channel 4 TV and believed what you saw then step away from the internet now.


Chat Work Reality?

In reality, no-one gets £60 an hour to do chat jobs, or even £500 in one night talking for 3 hours.  That’s just propaganda to make good telly.  It’s all about the ratings. You will if you do a chat job, get a decent amount but nowhere near that from the imagination of the production team. They want to make it look lucrative and alluring.  It’s a shame really as on the one hand; it gives the industry of being chat hosts a bad name. It makes us all out to be money grabbing and selling ourselves short when in reality it’s a decent job, with a decent wage.  Married women, students, single mums all working hard to put food on the table and clothes on their kid’s backs. But as per modern TV standards, they make it out to be lusty and perverse.  And what about the assumption it’s ok to meet callers!!  No, it’s not!  It’s not like that at all so don’t let their “made for tv” propaganda put you off doing chat work.  No company in their right mind would allow their ops to date callers.  I mean, would you trust a guy that you met on chat line work from home?  Just imagine a week away with your friends – he’d be on the first 090 he could find even before your taxi turned the corner!  But it did highlight the job is out there though.

Chat Work IS Fun

Chatline work is a lot of fun (that they did get right at least).  You can go from someone who starts off meek and mild to someone whose self-confidence shines with each call.  But it’s not the dirty mac brigade and guys wanting you to talk like a Babestation presenter all the time or wanting you to humiliate their every move.  You can have some decent, regular calls. Just don’t believe everything that you watch on Channel 4, and give the job a go.