What To Look For

Chat Operator Job

One of the main advantages of a chat operator job is the fact that you can do it in the comfort of your own home.  Just sitting in your pyjamas, while you’re drinking coffee and doing your nails and chatting is a dream for some 9-5 workers.  Perhaps one day you feel like staying in bed for a couple of hours while watching morning TV – well as long as you have a phone by the side of your bed, you can still relax doing that and even take a few phone calls.  You can’t do that if you’ve got to do a typical 9-5 office job, can you? Chat jobs from home are a luxury!

Skills for Chat Operator Job

The skills required when looking for a chat operator job is internet access (as sometimes the company will keep in touch with you via instant messaging, or email instead of continually ringing you, as that defeats the object of you taking calls), a beautiful voice, or even better a great accent and a bubbly nature.  There’s nothing worse than someone ringing up and to be greeted with a grunt, rather than a chirpy “hello there”.

chat operator job

What It’s Not

It’s also not all about adult chat either.  These days, guys and girls are more likely to call up just for a general conversation.  Long gone are the 0898 days of the dirty mac brigade or the vision of a “dirty old man” sitting in a grubby flat with his trousers round his ankles (those of you that remember French and Saunders portrayal of “randy old men” will know what I mean).  But it’s just not like that anymore.  Guys can call you up nowadays to chat about their wives, or what to get their wives for their Birthday and suchlike, rather than just wanting a quick fumble for a couple of minutes.  There’s so much more now to the chat operator job than previously thought, but still, some women are apprehensive about it.  There’s no need if you pick the right company.

Picking the Right Chat Operator Job Company

Picking the right company should be one of your top priorities when looking for this particular job.  Don’t go for the one that advertises everywhere – usually, this means they’re pretty desperate and doesn’t particularly bode well.  Sometimes too, these particular companies that literally flood the classifieds such as Gumtree are only out for one thing… a fee.  Any company worth its weight will not charge you a fee for working with them.  You don’t pay a fee to join a branch of McDonald’s, or to work in Next, so why should you pay a fee to join a chat company?  Don’t part with any cash even if they promise you the world.  One reason why?  It’s a con.


So they’ve promised you hundreds of calls a day with the chance to earn £100 per day – don’t part with your cash.  If they can promise you hundreds of calls and the chance to earn that amount of money a day, then why can’t they do that without a fee?  Other companies do.  Always try to go for the company that doesn’t plaster its ad all over a classified site.

Don’t Pay for Extras

Once you’ve located a decent company, they shouldn’t ask you to pay for anything either.  Some companies with chat operator vacancies will let you join for free but then charge you stupid amounts of money to supply you with photographs that you can use.  Don’t do it.  Again, this type of company is only after your money and not your skills as a chat operator or chat host.


Training is another critical aspect of getting into a chat operator job.  If you have no skills but are confident on the phone, all you need is a little encouragement and direction on how to handle calls then the companies that provide this are the best ones.  Free training either online or by a free phone number is industry standard.  Anything other than this, and you should wave them a cheery goodbye and move on to the next company.


And that’s about it.  If you’re looking for extra work and have thought about applying for a chat operator job or chat host job (but not online bingo host jobs), then that’s what you should look for and expect as a baseline.  If any company asks for a fee or extra cash for what you regard as standards, such as photos (if they are needed),  general training, or calls then tell them where to go.

Common sense prevails on the search for any job really, and if you see an offer that promises 100s of pounds per day, that looks too good to be exact – even a chat operators job then it probably is.