Chat Jobs FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Chat Jobs:

chat jobs

So what happens in your chat jobs?

You just hold conversations with callers from all types of backgrounds. Which provides a full time income even though you work your own hours and work part time. The one thing that you should do with this job, is treat it like a real job to make the absolute most out of it. Be consistent. The more hours you do the more hours you attract and more money you receive. Money is usually earnt through repeat callers and the more rapport you build up, the more minutes you can rack up.

How much money can I make if I am accepted for one of your chat jobs?

This totally depends on what you put into it and if you take chat jobs seriously. If you only take a couple of hours calls per month, then you won’t earn very much at all. Take 100 hours of calls per and you’ll be a high earner. But it’s all about the effort that you put into the job. You have to be dedicated and not just use the job as something you will dip in and out of for 2 evenings a month.

Are all the calls adult?

No, all of the callers that we receive come from various forms of advertising that we have put out. 99% of the time it is general chit chat conversations rather than adult. If we do get adult calls, then as you run the call yourself you are in charge of whether or not you want to take it. Adult is not compulsory when you take one of the online chat jobs from home.

Do I need to have experience doing one of your chat jobs?

No. Experience is nice, but not essential. We give you all the tips and techniques to build your confidence and give you plenty of ideas for conversations.

Do I need to use my own name?
No, it’s not necessary. For your safety it’s best to use a character nickname.

Do I need to pay a fee?

No. Any company that asks for a fee is not legitimate and will probably not send you any calls. You shouldn’t have to pay to do any chat jobs.