5 Conversation Starters For A Chat Host Job

Chat Host Job Conversation Starters

Meeting other people is never easy if you are not gifted with amazing conversational skills even those doing a chat work, holding down a chat host job. Actually, meeting people is not the problem, but the fact that we don’t always have the courage to start a conversation with them is. This sometimes happens because we are intimidated by the person we like, other times because we just don’t know how to start a pleasant conversation in order to leave a good impression. For the ones who don’t have the art of chatting under control, here are 5 which you can use in person, or modify for use while doing a chat line work, or doing a chat host job.

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Chat Host Job/Chat Work – What To Say

1. The first rule of starting a dialogue with an unknown person while doing chat work, is to use the things around you that you are both aware of. For instance, if you are a man and you meet a beautiful woman while you are standing in a long line, waiting to get a coffee or anything else, make a comment about the quality of the coffee. Then you can ask her what kind of coffee she prefers and, depending on her reaction, you will have the chance to ask her if she can join you for a coffee sometimes.

2. Let’s assume you are in a park and you notice a very attractive man or woman walking a dog. What is the easiest way of starting a conversation? Compliment the dog first, and then you will get to compliment the owner as well. You would be surprised how many things around you can become a great conversation starter for meeting other singles.

3. One of the most important things people forget to do when they want to approach someone they like is to smile. If the person you are smiling to will smile back to you, then you can move to step two. Ok, you smile, she smiles back. What do you do next? You simply introduce yourself. People are trying so hard to find a subject to talk about, that they forget how much a “Hello, I’m Mike. Nice to meet you.” can do. Unlike trying your luck with cheap pick up lines that don’t ever have the expected success, politely introducing yourself can lead to a conversation.

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4. How many times have you seen in movies a man starting a conversation with a woman, using the classic line: “I’ve noticed you around. I find you very attractive.”? Even though this line has been used for ages, it still is a very good conversation starter – it is simple, honest and straightforward.

5. When you notice someone that you would like to meet, but you just have no idea what to say at that point, remember that two of the most popular subjects of discussion are weather and politics. It might seem like a cliche to say to a beautiful woman waiting at the traffic light with you: ”Beautiful day, isn’t it?”, but you would be surprised to see that this can be a very good conversation starter.  This is a classic comment while doing a chat host job, to get the caller more on your wavelength.

It’s never easy to be all cool and calm around someone you like. Not to mention about finding the right thing to say at the right time, this is expected if you work in a chat host job. But, if you remember two of the golden rules of starting a conversation with a stranger, everything will be ok: act natural and use the objects around you to find something interesting to say. If none of these help, simply introduce yourself, tell your caller what you are doing that day and the results will be satisfying.

Does It Work With Chat Work and The Chat Host Job?

It even works for those of you that are doing chat host job. You too can become tongue tied and forget just how easy it is to get a conversation going with a caller. Starting your conversation with just a dull “hello” gets you nowhere. However the mark of an excellent chat host operator in a chat host job is to get the caller to open up and converse easily with you. “Hello, who am I speaking to” is a better way of starting the conversation here. It opens up the caller and puts the emphasis on them to carry on. Don’t be intimidated. Working as an adult chat host (or doing chat line work from home) can easily get your confidence up and have you chatting like a professional!